Oct 6, 2010

Defteris Thesis

If religion is the "opiate of the masses", then what is media? More than just an entertaining distraction from actually living life (accountability), media in this society has become what one might argue a 'mystery religion'. People today have taken to idol worship to such a degree that it is easily overlooked as mere 'entertainment'. While from a distant 20/20 standpoint it is clear that we have become nothing but an opinion chasing, star f#@%ing generation. Not sure what to believe? Then turn to the 'gods' for their nightly opinion, or turn to the news-stand to see what that 'god' barfed and ate for dinner last, it is surely more fashionable than what you did. Too much to fathom? Then get in line at the theater and pay for the right to hide in the dark with your fellow ostriches, and marvel at the $200 kabillion monstrosity on the screen in front of you, cause hey, it saves me from thinking.

No friends, and dear loved ones (I do love you, you know that right... (famous...words)), I believe it is time we begin to see through the great spectacle that has been formed for us as nothing more than an addiction, a dredge, and a distraction from the things in life that are truly worthwhile. For whether one believes it or not, we are looking for that thing, that moment, that spark that leads to self knowledge, and enlightenment. How terribly tragic that we see so much of ourselves in this spectacle, that this is what we have become... All Are Punished...